C Ribet Mycology Wild Mushroom Pictures and Fungi Kingdom Mushroom Art

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C Ribet Wild Mushroom Art Prints and Wild Mushroom Pictures

C Ribet: "If you crack open any decent mycology or fungus field guide, you will find many wild mushroom pictures and many drawings, prints, and photographs of all kinds of fungi, and their fungi kingdom habitat. Many of these are beautiful prints or wild mushroom photos, and all of them should at a minimum give you a better understanding of the fungi they depict. These mushroom photos fulfill their purpose and often provide more, but do they bring forth an emotional response in you? Do you lose yourself in them emotionally? On occasion yes, but often not. This is through no fault of the mycology photographer or mycology artist who takes these mushroom photos. It is because the purpose of those mushroom photographs is to show you the anatomical details of the fungi to allow you to identify them correctly and safely according to wild mushrooms mycology. You don't want to decide to eat a fungus based on a mushroom art print!

I create these prints because to me these fungi present an extraordinary natural beauty while simultaneously conjuring a world of fantasy which transcends it. They at their first appearance often are the smoothest, the softest, and the most delicate things imaginable. At their passing, they can be the most withered, the most rotting, and the most black and lifeless things imaginable. In the course of their fleeting lives they exhibit every state in between with equal fervor. In my mushroom picture art prints I try to capture what I can of their more tangible raw physical beauty, but I also try to capture their spirit and personality. To me there is a tremendous spirit of humanity within them, and I hope to expose it and to share it through the artistic interpretations which I create in my mushroom pictures and art prints.." More...

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