The old Fungi Art Slide Show Pages

The old fungi art slide show pages.

Fungi Art for Sale by Artist 16Fungi Art for Sale by Artist 08

Fungi art for what seems like ages has had up as the virtual wall decorations of a series of slideshow like pages about the mushroom art of C Ribet replete with some ramblings about the process of collecting and photographing these wild mushrooms. Those old pages of mushroom pictures predated things like Flash and javascript so they were really just mushroom artwork pages strung together and not really a slide show at all by modern standards. So, along comes the modern age, and we get a chance to make things that appear a bit cleaner and nicer on the page. The old pages are still there as a memorial to the past, so if you would like to get a gander at these old wild mushroom photo art pages start with the old fungi art mushroom photo slideshow first page. The mushroom pictures on those older pages tell a bit of the story of wild mushroom hunting, although most aren't any of the mushroom art prints for sale by the artist through the links to the C Ribet Zenfolio online gallery. Navigate through the old slideshow by the back/next buttons or using the mushroom photo images themselves by clicking on the left or right side of the mushrrom photographs.

Fungi Art for Sale by Artist 04

Click on the above mushroom photos or mushroom picture text links to enter the mushroom kingdom and to learn more about mushroom mycology and the fungi art prints and mushroom pictures by artist C Ribet. 

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