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Not only can an all-digital work environment allow for creative choices otherwise unattainable in the image creation process, but today's digital print methods offer more even after the 'digital master' is created. Technological advances in the digital printing process now readily make possible printing on nontraditional media such as canvas and fine art watercolor papers. For the fungi and wild mushoom art giclees which I create, I prefer the look and texture of heavy weight watercolor fine art 'board' papers. Virtually all of the wild mushroom art prints you see represented here and at the on-line gallery store are made on Hahnemuhle's highest quality heavy weight fine art watercolor papers. While these art giclees may little resemble traditional mushroom pictures which are presented as photographs, they are not watercolors either. They lie somewhere in between. The watercolor paper texture is often very evident, but it is not always so. It depends greatly upon the individual wild mushrooms picture from which the digital master mushroom picture is derived. I choose watercolor papers individually for each unique mushroom picture by making test prints with the papers whose textures and base color intuitively seem the most complementary to the wild mushroom pictures in question. It is possible with experience often to anticipate a paper for a given mushroom picture, but there are always pleasant surprises to be had as well. Please see the gallery web site at for more details about the print method, paper choices, and to view close-up images showing the detailed paper textures of these watercolor board papers.

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